Integra’s executive team features more than 200 years of combined insurance experience, international certifications, and a rich mix of medical credentials as well. You won’t find more expert employee welfare benefits specialists in Indonesia.


We work with insured and self-insured companies: sometimes handling pensions, medical and life insurance as a package, and sometimes independently. Our portfolio’s size, serving Indonesia’s largest customer base, allows us to offer both extensive options and favorable rates. Our dedication to responsive customer service and local understanding assures high quality services.

dr. Mardiana Bhakti Mekkah, MARS, FLMI
Associate Director

dr. Melissa
Senior Manager of Claims

Nining Wahyuningsih
Senior Manager of Finance and GA

Pondra Nala Permana M.M, CFP, AEPP, AAPAI
Senior Manager of Partnership and Alternative Distribution

Ernasari Dalimunthe
Senior Manager of Technical Service and Client Service