Working at INTEGRA

If you are someone who loves challenges and are not afraid of pressure, you have come to the right place. As Indonesia’s leading Insurance Broker, you will be working in a challenging, fast-paced yet fun environment. We encourage open communication and teamwork. Unlike many other companies that treat its employees as a ‘liability’, INTEGRA regards our people as the driver of our company. We treat our people right because they are our greatest assets and we want them to treat our clients the right way. Here in INTEGRA, we take pride to be known as a service company rather than Insurance Broking Company. One of the reasons for our continued success and what makes us different is how we value the essence of customer service. Our clients have always been our priority. We are a company who believes in speed and responsiveness. As such, we hire people who possess the same value. At INTEGRA, we learn and grow together. We are a believer that doing is better than just class learning. We always challenge our people to make things happen in the real field. Right now, we’re looking for people who think far and dream far. Discover how far your talents can take you at INTEGRA!

List of Career Opportunities :