Integra at Glance

INTEGRA, the brand name of PT. Cipta Integra Duta was established in 1997 as subsidiary company of IBS Group, the first licensed insurance broker in Indonesia (established in 1975).  Now, INTEGRA is the leading welfare solutions provider in the country. As an independent company, Integra has been undergoing a massive reorganization to better serve its clients in increasing their quality of life. INTEGRA optimizes the fee investment for welfare by providing programs and wealth management based on the client’s special and changing needs.

Today, INTEGRA is the foremost and the biggest company of its kind in Indonesia. INTEGRA is a risk management provider, broker and consulting company in the field of welfare and employee benefits program.   The unique combination of experience and skills positions INTEGRA with the strength of negotiating welfare package to ensure the best program for client’s individual and corporate needs whether insured, self-insured or a combination, as well as comprehensive pension and other retirement funds

Integra is a wholly independent welfare solutions provider.  The company is independent from many of the complex financial and conglomerate linked corporate structures which exist in Indonesia.  Our portfolio makes us a significant market player in the country, whilst allowing us to maintain high quality services and local understanding. Serving the biggest client base in the country, Integra is dedicated to understanding and servicing any company and individual in the area of welfare program.