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Awarded as one of the 2010 Indonesia top 10 company of employees' choice
in the Indonesian Employer of Choice Award by SWA and Hay Group

Welfare is something that aids or promotes well-being, but it is one of the major expense factor which is escalating each year. Whilst there are various programs in welfare area, it is important to find best alternatives in welfare solutions and expand the benefits with the ability to fund them.

In this respect, every alternative has each its own advantages and disadvantages, some of which are not always suitable to the needs. A wrong choice could result in problems which hinder the growth of your core business.

INTEGRA provides assistance to companies of all sizes to reach its essential objectives --cost containment, employee attraction and retention, cost and time efficiency, and regulation compliance. INTEGRA offers creative solutions with an added value that optimizes your strategic planning and return on investment.

By using INTEGRA, you can use our in-depth knowledge of welfare, risks and the insurance market, to find the most suitable welfare programs to meet your welfare.